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Bangladesh is one of the most fertile countries in the world.  Soil is frequently replenished with minerals which are brought down from the pure water, flowing from the Himalayan mountains.  Bangladesh is a country which has six seasons with a typical temperature fluctuation of 10 to 32 °C, the climate is describe as tropical.  Farmers are able to grow a wide range of quality fresh vegetables and fruits.

The infrastructure within Bangladesh is very good facilitating the rapid transport of produce from source to port.  Freight links between Bangladesh and the UK are extensively developed, our preferential transit is via rapid air transfer.

The Premiere Group manage the export of vegetables.  We are involved in the whole process, from ‘field to final delivery.’

  • We work with farmers and give advice on what to grow
  • We have partnerships with overseas freight agents who pack only the freshest produce
  • We only work with experienced specialist UK shipping agents who minimise transition time to facilitate the speedy delivery of the fresh produce.

We are able to deliver a range of vegetables to meet your needs.  Please confirm your interests and we can provide a customised quotation.

Standard consignments include:2013-03-26 16.28.11 (2)

Begoon (Aubergine)
Green Chillies, long, short and Naga
Muki (Eddo)
Potatoes, small red (Allo)
Beans (Shim)
Papaya (Pepey)
Kordu (Mishti)
Bindi (Dreosh)
Zali Kumra
Jack fruit


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