Designed for Wood Burning Stoves.

Our heat logs, made from 100% rice husk  are perfect for all types of wood burning stoves.  We recommend our logs as an ideal replacement to traditional wood products.  Heat logs can be used either exclusively on their own or as a combination fuel with other wooden products.

Fire Lightingheatlogs_1

As with all log burning stoves, ignition aids (firelighters) are recommended to assist with the process of fire starting. We recommend either using kindling or small pieces of husk in combination with paper to initiate the fire.

Burning by product – useful product!

As with all combustible materials an ash residue remains after the burn.  The rice husk residue represents 15 to 20% of the original mass and has the advantage of containing highly nutritious gardening fertilisers including iron, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus, making it a cost effective and valuable garden fertiliser.

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