The Fuel

The process of forming a rice husk briquettes is simple. Nothing is added, the husk is not mixed with chemicals, glues or binders. The pure rice husk is compressed into cylindrical shaped tubes which are then cut to length to form the traditional briquette shape.
Relatively new to the UK, this fuel has been tried and tested for over a decade in many parts of Asia. We are transferring this Ecological ‘eastern know-how’ into the UK.
We vary the diameter and length of individual products according the requirement of customer needs..

Eco Fuel

Our fuels are truly Eco fuels. On a 6 month cycle, the plant grows to full maturity, capturing the sun’s radiant energy and trapping carbon dioxide gas to complete the growth cycle. Primarily, the plants are grown to produce rice, a staple food for many communities. We re-use the naturally discarded waste from this food production process to develop a truly environmentally friendly fuel.
The resulting product provides a fuel which is unique.
Burning the fuel generates heat and releases the carbon dioxide, once again allowing plants to absorb this valuable gas. It is a simple process and is 100% carbon neutral with the whole cycle being repeated over a six month period.

Clean Fuel

heatlogsYou can be reassured that our products have been thorough rigorous chemical tests. They are low in sulphur and chlorine with the natural composition of the husk giving a clean burn with less particulates, this results in a relatively low acidic emission. This has the benefit of producing lower environmental emissions and is less damaging to the stove.
The advantages of Husk Fuel
When compared to wood, our products burn hotter, cleaner and longer. The outstanding properties of this product are derived from the high compression ratio along with the low moisture content of these eco friendly rice husk briquettes.

All round, this provides a much better value for money product!

The Sustain a Flame range of eco fuels, includes
Heat Logs
Chimnea Logs
BBQ Eco Fuel

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